Worthy Investment: Car Care Products for your Luxury Car

Luxury car rentals will get a lot of benefits from car care products. However, it is also applicable for you, if you own a luxury car. These products have been made with these luxury cars in mind. Being made for them, these products are of high quality and they will make your cars better—not worse.

If you want to have your car look new even 5 or 10 years down the road, you need to invest in these cleaning products. They’re a small cost compared to what you’re going to pay for if you neglect your car’s cleanliness and appearance.


Looking for a starter kit for your car? Meguiar’s is a fine choice for those who want to avoid ruining a custom paint job. It’s got everything—liquid wax, rubbing compound—the package also throws in microfiber cloths and some applicator pads too. While it’s a starter pack, long-time car owners (standard car) also swear by its quality.


Another basic kit for your luxury car, Griot’s comes with a very stylish tool box. In it, you’re getting a microfiber cloth safe for use on any surface. You’re also getting 64-ounce car wash soap, some casters, a grate that’s helpful for sifting out hard to clean dirt and various debris, and a measuring cup. It’s good value for your money especially considering the $12.99 value car soap.


It’s also good to give your leather some love. Most luxury cars have custom-leather seats and a luxury car rental will also get the benefit of this cleaner. Lexol’s Care Kit cleans stains and other marks. High-end upholstery—especially those with white leather covers—will shine like new once again. It’s a must-have if you expect some unexpected problems while on the road.


Your headlights are another important part of your car that you should clean. This is especially true if you’re buying a pre-loved luxury car. 3M’s headlight renewal kit will make your headlight shine like new once again. You’ll kiss cloudy lighting goodbye once you use this product on all the accumulated dirt and grime that may have caked the headlights over the year.

Jax Wax

This cleaning kit gives you a resealable bucket which is useful, considering there are times when you want to clean somewhere spacious. The cleaners in the pack are only for the exterior but there’s an added bonus—the towels and applicators included are a nice touch. You’ve got a sprayer and two resealable bottles available with the pack.


The Ardex kit comes with a sprayer as well as a few cans and bottles. Each bottle and can is reserved for a different cleaning need. Because of the larger size, it allows for more washes. As always the kit comes with a standard applicator and bottle pack. It also comes in two sizes, with the 16 ounce kit a good choice if you’re a little short on money.

It’s important to keep your vanity when it comes to your luxury car. These cleaning kits are the perfect partner in keeping a luxury car rental the top choice for shiny cars that look like new.