What Not To Do With Your Luxury Car Rental

Renting out a luxury car from a rental agency can be a gateway to some pretty unique experiences. A lot of people tend to overlook what they can and cannot do with a rental. While there are a lot of positive things that a rented car can provide, we must always remember that the vehicle and the other things that come with it do belong to someone else.

As such, we would like to put together this article and have it serve as a handy guide on what NOT to do with your luxury car rental.

Do Not: Return it late

Rental car services often carry a strict schedule when it comes to their vehicles. Cars will need to be inspected upon turn over to ensure that there are no damages or issues that will need to be brought to your attention. There is also the matter of the same vehicle being booked for a later engagement.

So when you return the rental late, you are severely inconveniencing not just the company but the next person in the waitlist. It is understandable that certain instances might be beyond your control (like traffic). When you feel like you are not going to make it back to the lot at the established time, do give the rental company a head’s up.

That way they can make extra concessions for you and any other client that has reserved the vehicle you are presently using.

Do Not: Return it without gas

This is one tip that will save you money in the long run—especially if you pay for your rental with a credit card. When you take out a vehicle and are smart enough to not prepay for the gas, you must keep an eye on the tank.

Before you take it out, check the policy for gas. A lot of rental agencies are sneaky about the clause wherein they charge you for a full tank (at a lesser amount) even if there is still about half in the car. If you did pay with your credit card and return the vehicle without gas, you can expect to have extra charges put to your account.

Do Not: Lie about the Number of Passengers

This is one thing that we have seen about a million of people try to do. This is bad form on several fronts:

  • You rob the company of a chance to rent out a larger vehicle.
  • You put yourself and others in danger.
  • You’ll be breaking driving laws.

What you need to remember is that most agencies now have dashboards that will record what goes on in the vehicle. It is for security purposes. So even if you lie about how many people will be using the car, it is one that only takes a few clicks to verify.

To Close

The car rental company that you choose should be your partner rather than something you try to pull a fast one on. Just keep the tips we mentioned above in mind and you’ll turn into one of their favorite clients yet.